Rising Speed Bank Services

At RSB we have focused in three main areas of expertise. These are mass payment services; private banking services and investment banking.

Below you will find a scope of each one of our solutions and their features.

Mass Payment Services: Tailor-made for each case and available for international companies, brokers, e-commerce and more; our mass payment solution allows instant unlimited payments to clients, employees, distributors and investors no matter where they are in the world and without the hassle and expenses that normally carries paying hundreds or thousands of individuals located in different geographical regions.

Our Smart combination of our multicurrency e-banking and our International debit card allow effective instant payments and instant access to funds globally.

- Our system allows businesses to make as many payments as needed, at once
- We are Fintech and we support several means of payment
- Each account has a debit card linked to Access funds
- Reduce hours of manpower work and cut costs radically
- Open a new channel between your Clientele and your business
- Clients enjoy instant Access to their funds, full banking services and the use of our China Union Pay International card anytime, anywhere

If you are interested in this service, please email us at info@risingspeedbank

Private Banking: RSB offers a full range of Banking Services which allow you to combine both,financial technology latest advances with private banking solutions. This Smart combination opens our Clients to the speed of today’s financial world without losing the class of the old-school banking.

While you enjoy Access to a vast range of markets and financial channels, you keep your traditional banking affairs under your control.

- E-banking system fully integrated with state of the art Fintech
- Full Access to latest financial services and channels
- Full Access to Financial Markets
- Investment Advisory
- Multicurrency accounts
- Debit and Credit cards linked to your account(s)
- Exclusive Investment opportunities by RSB
- Friendly multicultural and multi-language Client Support

If you have any questions on private banking, please email us at info@risingspeedbank

Investment Banking: At RSB we proud ourselves of our uniqueness of our Investments Boutique. Our Clients enjoy, in exclusivity, Access to what we call RSB Portfolio Management.If you do not want to manage your Investments Portfolio alone, we welcome you to join us.We apply same structured products as RSB uses for our valued Clients, which boosts your potential to enjoy much larger yearly profitability with completetransparency, compliance and full liquidity of your assets.

- Term Deposits at very interesting annual rates
- Investment Management Services
- Join RSB Investments Portfolio
- Transparent, real time access to the Services
- Full liquidity of assets, both profits and equity
- Cancel service at anytime and access your funds and profits in your RSB account and debit card
- Enjoy a compounding service which boosts potential profit on a monthly/quarterly/annually basis
- Proven track record overtime
- RSB charges a performance fee based on profits made in your account
- Exclusive structured products
- Coming up: Access to precious metals storage and real-estate development in a partnership with our Bank

Interested in opening your investments horizon? Please email us at info@risingspeedbank